Friday, June 25, 2010

Friend is Fantastic

When I logged in on my facebook account, there's a lot of thing on my home page: Photos, Status Updates, Notes, Changed Relationship Status, and many other.
It all makes me realize that I'm not alone in this world. Beside, it makes me looks like a piece of sand.

Then I'm thinking: What am I doing here on earth? What is the decision that God create for me? For my life? My family?
When I'm down, I will force myself that I'm not into this world. I mean, God create me without consideration. Or something like that.
I blame myself as many as I can do. And unfortunately, sometimes I blame God for creating me.

Now, when I read my older posts in this blog, I know that I'm not as useless as I think.
My post for task, homework, answers for questions, they're here. On my site.
I don't know how it helps, but I post them for my friends.

Friends is everything for me. Not only they listed as a 'friend' but they're part of my life. When I reach the lowest point in my life, they were here. Sitting together, chit chat like they don't even care about my life. But that's what friend are for. They don't have to know about what happen in my life but they are successfully cheer up my life.

I don't even care about who are they, what kind of person they are or many blah blah blah -unimportant thing-.

07.44 pm <== I should write time in this format.
Okay. Of I want to tell things about friend, this post will reach it maximum character. *tongue
I will catch you next time.
love you friend. :)

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